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Explore, Engage and Earn

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Universus is the ideal environment for casual, hardcore and investor players to prosper. With cleverly designed and fun gameplay, groundbreaking and sustainable economy solutions, we have created our own Universe where everyone can play as Billionaires and participate in Intergalactic Space Exploration.


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The Universus NFT system is designed in a balanced and sustainable way with a stable and relatively low entry barrier so that everyone can enter in our ecosystem at any time, become a Space Explorer and engage more and more with our universe over time. 



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Leonardo Murakami

National esports champion in the last 5 years as team owner and advisor multiple times, founder of Bootkamp Gaming Brasil, having acted as a director at OpTic Gaming, INTZ esports, Gamelanders and Final Level. 10 years of experience as  international IT project manager.


Cassiano Scarambone

Take4Content CEO, with over 23 years of experience in audio visual production, he has produced several successful cases during his career, such as Felipe Neto and Luccas Neto, Panorama Petrobras, Salon Line, Zico10, Marfrig, Enel and others.


Harry Alvares

Awarded creative director and videogame connoisseur that has helped global brands like Coca-cola, VIVO, Magazine Luiza, Salon Line and Reserva navigate through digital and gaming environments. Acted as Head of Creative at Final Level and Chief Editor at Take4Content.

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Gab Araujo

Acted as a content director and digital influencer at 'Irmãos Neto', Take4Content and Final Level having produced or participated in over 3,5 billion views on YouTube.  Co-founder of Gamelanders. 8 years of experience as sports lawyer acting for Fluminense FC and Bichara & Motta LLC.


Felipe Pinzan

Co-Founder of Coliseum Arena, Brazilian esports tournaments platform with servers dedicated to the community, more than 7 years of experience in game development, 3D environment modeler, acted as team leader at Final Level, Andura Studios and WeLove.


Matheus Freitas

Crypto investor with more than 5 years of successfull experience in the financial markets as a trader and also financial advisor. Acted as Head of Trading at Alcance (XP investimentos affiliate), former Mathematics teacher with 5 years of experience.


Alejandro Rebelo

Experienced Managing Director with a proven history of working in the investment banking industry. Skilled in Sales, Hedge Funds, Asset Management, Investment Banking, and Electronic Trading. Former partner and managing director of XP Investimentos, currently acting as Head of LatAm Business Development at Cannacord.

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Diogo Ferreira

Founder of A-toon, specialist in art design, 2D and 3D modeling, with an extensive multi-brand portfolio having directed and produced art for highly successful projects such as ANIMANETOS by Felipe Neto and Luccas Neto.


Renan Kruger

Blockchain developer, focus on DeFi and NFT. Co-founder of One Percent, a company specializated in the development of blockchain-based solutions. IT/DevOps manager on banking industry with 15+ years of experience.

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Brazilian multi-awarded Youtube channel with 42 Million Subscribers, almost 7 Billion Views, Top 3 Youtube Creators Brazil 2021

Industry leading content agency in Brazil. Clients include Marfrig, Vale, Enel, Salon Line, Avell, Grupo Bandeirantes, Ladeira, Magazine Luiza and many others.

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One of the most important law offices in Brazil, internationally recognized as a leader in sports law, but also active in entertainment, technology and business. Acts in Universus as Legal Advisor.

International financial company with solutions based on blockchain technology, enabling people to safely enter the cryptoworld. Transfero is also the creator of the Brazilian stable coin BRZ. As a partner, Transfero brings blockchain expertise and easy to use solutions for all kinds of users to join Universus.

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Leading blockchain startup in Brazil, recently acquired by MOSS, creators of the token MCO2 providing key financial resources to environmental projects that avoid Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission



Marcos Motta

Partner at Bichara&Motta Advogados and Hubstage


Dani Molo

Co-founder of Você Sabia


Bichara Neto

Partner at Bichara&Motta Advogados


Thiago Cesar

CEO at Transfero


Slava G. Turyshev

Project Manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory


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